Friday, February 6, 2009

Sign Language ABCs

This was something we stumbled upon, since my sister and I learned how to sign the ABCs when we were 6 and 7. It turned out to be a winner, though!

The name of this game is pretty self-explanatory....sing the alphabet while you sign each letter. The signing helps them to focus on you and what you're up to by providing multiple sources of stimulation. I think. Anyway, I love the part at the end when my little sister chimes in with "......MEEEEE! YAAAAY!"

To learn the ABCs in sign language, click here.

Become a Choreographer!

This was during Sunny's phase of obsession with "High School Musical." Thanks to the bonus features where you too can learn to dance, Sunny now has two amatuer choregraphers. But you don't have to have a video to do it, just make up anything that's coordinated and at least semi-predictable. For quite a few days, my sister and I would 'perform' and Sunny would happily watch. Sitting. On the couch. But then one day out of nowhere, she got down and joined right in like a little pro. A lot of autistic kids are musically inclined, so definetely make sure your routine goes with a song!

Thin Crust! Pizza

I originally created this game to try to encourage Sunny to end her hunger strike (she had opinions that day) and at least eat some pepperoni, her favorite part of the pizza. Alas, it didn't have the desired effect, but she was very amused by the game itself, so here it is:

I used a MegaSketcher, but it's just as easy with paper and crayon. First, draw a big circle really slowly, saying "circle". Then draw two intersecting lines to make four slices of pizza, saying "line" each time. Next, draw 3 pepperoni circles in each slice. Finally, draw a circle around the pizza really fast, saying "Thin Crust!" The best part of the game is when everything is said and done slowly, to build up the climax of "Thin Crust!", the smile-provoking moment.

Discover Wildlife

This is actually something you make for them, not an activity, but it's just as fun.

IF YOU CAN SEW: (note: scroll down for non-sewing projects)
Sew little animals and insects! We made all of ours under about 4", and it included a mouse with whiskers, a caterpillar, a humming bird, a bumble be with iridescent wings, and (my favorite), a ladybug with black velvet and red satin. You don't need a pattern, just make them simple.
Sewing directions coming soon!

Use felt and glue, and make little animals and insects in 2-dimensional form! This is especially fun when used with those felt books that you lace together yourself, or just a big peice of felt to stick them onto. Make sure they're not attatched, though, so that they can be moved into different arrangements.

I'm always accepting new ideas for this section, so don't hesitate to contact me! (please leave ideas on the 'Connect with Siblings' section)